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Your Fall Layering Guide

Fall is in full swing, and you know what that means: it’s layering season. Fall layering is a great way to mix and match the basics in your fall wardrobe to create an endless range of stylish and functional outfits for any occasion. Plus, you’ll save time and money you would have otherwise spent on buying more clothes.

If you’re new to the world of layering, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to layer clothing for fall. But don’t stress! Emerald XO Ivy is here to help. Once you have the three layer method down, layering pieces in your fall wardrobe this season will be a breeze. Check out the guide below for our best fall layering tips.

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The 3 Layer Method

The 3 layer method for fall layering involves wearing three different types of clothing layers: the base layer for moisture-wicking and insulation, the middle layer for warmth and insulation, and the outer layer for protection against wind, rain, and cold temperatures.

It’s a go-to method when it comes to layering clothes for fall because you can add and take away layers as needed throughout the day. You might need to bundle up for chilly mornings and shed some layers when temperatures rise in the afternoon. Depending on the climate where you live, it’s just what you have to do during this transitional season.

woman wearing layered clothes for fall

Base Layer

The base layer removes moisture from your skin to keep you dry. Common base layers include t-shirts or camis and tank tops.

Mid Layer

The mid-layer is all about keeping you warm in cold weather. Sweaters and cardigans are on repeat from September to November.

Outer Layer

The outer layer protects you from the elements, like wind, rain, and snow. Jackets and coats are popular outerwear pieces in the fall months.

5 Key Layering Pieces for Fall

Incorporating several layering clothes in your fall wardrobe will make it more versatile. You can wear the same base, mid, and outer layers without ever repeating an outfit. These are the layering essentials you need this fall.

Button-Down Shirt

This mid-layer is great for every season, especially fall. The sleeves provide warmth without making you too hot. You can wear a button-down shirt under a sweater or sweater vest or over a dress or turtleneck. Whether you’re going to work or brunch, this simple piece can complete your outfit. Get a more fitted style if you plan to wear it under clothing items, and opt for an oversized boyfriend style to wear with jeans and other pants.

The Gracie Button Down Ribbed Loose Fit Top - Fall Layering

Our Pick: Gracie Button Down Ribbed Loose Fit Top


A blazer is a fall layering staple. It can serve as a mid or outer layer and goes with button-down shirts, t-shirts, turtlenecks, and even sweaters. Dress it up for work with a pair of slacks and heels, or dress it down for weekend activities with a pair of jeans and loafers. Throw a coat over it for added warmth on chillier fall days.

Nanas Couch Couture Blazer - Fall Layering

Our Pick: Nana's Couch Couture Blazer


No fall wardrobe is complete without a cardigan. This mid-layer is a versatile piece in any closet, going with everything from camis and tank tops to tees and dresses. You can find cardigans in various lengths, like cropped and long. They’re also available in fitted and oversized fits. Go from your morning coffee run to the pumpkin patch in your favorite cardigan.

Flowy Fleece Open Cardigan - Fall Layering

Our Pick: Flowy Fleece Open Cardigan

Maxi Skirt

If you’re going for a feminine look but don’t want to commit to a dress, opt for a maxi skirt. They’re easier to get on and off and pair well with button-down shirts, chunky sweaters, and plain old tees. Versatile maxi skirts can work for everyday casual looks or be dressed up for fall weddings and events. You can stick with a solid color or opt for a fun pattern. Whatever your style is, there’s a maxi skirt out there for you.

Mineral Washed Tencel Denim Maxi Skirt - Fall Layering

Our Pick: Chasing Waterfalls Tencel Denim Maxi Skirt

Sweater Vest

For the days when it’s too warm for a sweater but too cool for just a button-down, a sweater vest is the perfect alternative. This mid-layer is a stylish option for work, errands, fall photos, and more. Whether you prefer a cropped style or a more oversized look, there’s an option for you. Heck, you can even repurpose an old one from your grandpa’s closet.

Sweater Vest - Fall Layering

Our Pick: Distressed Mineral Washed Sweater Vest

Tips for Fall Layering

Still need help choosing the best layered clothes for your closet? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips and tricks for curating the fall wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

  • Choose pieces that can easily be removed for warmer weather throughout the day
  • Stick to neutrals or a color palette that matches your wardrobe for greater versatility
  • Invest in a scarf to add warmth when needed
  • Play with different textures to diversify your outfits
  • Choose lightweight layers to reduce bulk while staying warm

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