How To Waitlist

Hello babe, 

Below we want to help answer why and how to waitlist.

If we sell out of an item you try to claim, you are put on the waitlist. Just because you waitlisted an item doesn't necessarily mean we will be reordering that item. We order in large packs and the item has to be completely sold out and waitlisted in every size for it to be reordered (assuming our vendor still has it in stock). If we do happen to restock the item OR if someone returns that item in your size, you will get an email saying the item is in your cart. Please NOTE preauthorized waitlists are bumped above just regular waitlists. 

How do you preauthorize your waitlist? ON the app, go to the HEART and find the item, then click PREAUTHORIZE and enter your billing info. This is NOT a payment - it is like auto bill pay - it means when/ if the item comes in stock, you'll get an invoice and the system will auto pay for it for you!

Unfortunately pre authorizing doesn’t work with paypal or Sezzle, only a credit card.

Lapcos, Karli Buxton, and Beck Bags are constantly checked for preauthorized waitlists, and reordered weekly.


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