How To Waitlist and Pre Authorize

Hello best friend!!

Below we want to help answer some common questions on why and how to waitlist in our APP. If you don't have our app you can easily download it here.

How do I waitlist an item?  If we sell out of an item you try to claim, the add to cart button is replaced with "ADD TO WAITLIST". Click this button and voila, you are on the waitlist.

If I waitlist an item, am I guaranteed to get it? GREAT QUESTION. Adding an items to your waitlist does NOT guarantee it will be restocked. If we are able to restock an item, the title of the item will be changed to *Restock Coming. This is how you can identify if an item is being restocked.

What does Pre Authorizing my waitlist mean? After you waitlist an item, the app will ask you if you want to "pre authorize" your waitlist. This means, if we are able to restock the item, when the item arrives to our warehouse the system will AUTOMATICALLY authorize your purchase with the credit card details you enter, and we will add your item to the queue and ship it out. No muss, no fuss, nothing else is required on your end.

How can I pre authorize an item I have waitlisted? Open the Emerald XO Ivy app, click the HEART shaped button near the bottom. Find the item you wish to pre auth, then click PREAUTHORIZE. Enter your billing info. Remember this is NOT a payment yet - it is like auto bill pay - it means when/ if the item comes into stock, the system will auto pay for it for you.

Please NOTE preauthorized waitlists are prioritized above regular waitlists. This means, if you REALLY want it, pre authorize it. The odds will be ever in your favor this way! 😂

Unfortunately pre authorizing doesn’t work with Paypal or Sezzle, only a credit card.