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Sorority Rush Outfits for Every Round of Recruitment

Preparing for sorority rush is an equally exciting yet stressful time. You can’t wait to meet chapter members and find lifelong friends, but you still have to figure out a sorority rush outfit to wear for each round of recruitment.

Emerald XO Ivy is here to help you get ready for a successful rush week. After all, it’s your time to shine! Keep reading to learn more about each round and see our top recommendations for creating unforgettable outfits.

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Round 1: Open House

Open house, also known as orientation, is the first day of rush week. This is the day when you visit every chapter on campus. The parties are short, and conversations are brief, so make the most of the time you have. Open house is a great time to get to know members of each chapter and let them know more about you.

Since you’ll be standing for most of the day—and walking outside in high temperatures—definitely prioritize comfort when it comes to your outfit. Choose comfortable shoes and lightweight, breathable fabrics.

Rush Outfit Inspo

Here are some recommendations for rush week outfits to wear on Open House day:

sorority rush outfit round 1

    Round 2: Philanthropy

    The philanthropy round is designed to teach you more about each chapter’s chosen philanthropy. Since parties are a bit longer, you’ll have more time to chat with members and ask thoughtful questions about their commitment to service.

    This day is pretty laid-back. A t-shirt may even be provided for you, and there might be a special activity to participate in. If a shirt is provided, pair it with the jeans, shorts, or skirt of your choice. Wear shoes, hair accessories, and jewelry that will help you stand out from every other girl wearing the same shirt. You want chapter members to remember you.

    Rush Outfit Inspo

    Not sure what to wear for Philanthropy round? Here are some suggestions:

    sorority rush outfit round 2

      Round 3: Sisterhood

      On sisterhood day, you’ll learn more about what sisterhood means to each chapter and see if the group would be a good fit for you. You’ll likely watch a sisterhood video, hear from current members, and maybe even tour sorority houses. You’ll attend fewer parties than on Philanthropy day, but each one is longer to allow for more in-depth conversations.

      You’ll want to be a bit dressier than you were on Philanthropy day. We recommend wearing something that you would wear to brunch or a birthday dinner—like a sundress with flats, sandals, or short heels. Don’t be afraid to get creative, as your outfit can be a good conversation starter!

      Rush Outfit Inspo

      Take a look at some of our sorority rush dresses and shoe options:

      sorority rush outfit round 3

        Round 4: Preference

        Preference day is the last day of sorority rush. You’ll attend the fewest number of parties, with each one being longer than those on previous days. This round is the most meaningful, intimate, and emotional—so have your tissues ready! It’s your last chance to speak with members of your remaining chapters. At this point, you’ve built relationships with these women. Now is the time to show how interested you are in getting to know them even better by becoming a chapter member.

        Your outfit for Preference day should be more formal, like something you would wear to a wedding or graduation. Think a cocktail or statement dress. Since you’ll be sitting during each party, don’t be afraid to wear heels. Members of each chapter will likely wear all-white or all-black dresses, so feel free to go with a solid color or play with fun patterns and textures. You could even opt for a nice pantsuit or jumpsuit. Whatever you wear, you want to be confident.

        Rush Outfit Inspo

        Check out our top picks for sorority Preference round dresses:

        sorority preference round dress

          Rush Week Accessories

          No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Here are a few to have on hand for your rush week outfits.


          Jewelry is a fun way to express your personal style. It can also be a great conversation starter when you’re chatting with sorority sisters. Below are a couple of our top recommendations.

          Rush Week Jewelry Inspo


          You’ll need something to carry your belongings in from house to house during rush. Don’t get anything too big, but you'll want a bag that will fit all your on-the-go essentials—like makeup, toiletries, and maybe a pair of comfy shoes to throw on between parties. You might also want to invest in a nice clutch or crossbody bag for Sisterhood and Preference rounds.

          Rush Week Bag Inspo

          crossbody bag


            When it comes to rush week, the days are long and hot. You’ll need to bring a few things from home to freshen up in between parties, so you look and feel your best for each chapter. You might want to bring a water bottle, claw clip or hair tie, travel-size deodorant, travel-size perfume, and lip color to reapply.

            On-the-Go Inspo

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