Judy Blue Jeans: What To Know Before You Buy

Judy Blue Jeans: What to Know Before You Buy

Every woman knows that the right pair of jeans can literally change your life. But finding the right pair of jeans is another story. With Judy Blue Jeans at Emerald XO Ivy, it’s easier than ever.

Our online store features best-selling Judy Blue Jeans that are made for all body types and occasions. Check out the guide below for our best tips and tricks on choosing the right pair of Judy Blue Jeans for your closet.

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What Are Judy Blue Jeans?

Judy Blue Jeans is a wholesale denim brand based in Los Angeles. Founder Judy Choi established it in 1999 to provide denim lovers everywhere with stylish jeans fit for any occasion.

Their unique wash techniques, body-hugging fit, and high-quality denim come together to create jeans that are equally trendy and comfortable. With a passion for producing quality denim, this brand features the ideal combination of creativity and craftsmanship. Whatever your body type and style preferences are, you’re sure to love every pair of Judy Blue Jeans you wear.

What Makes Judy Blue Jeans Different?

When you’re searching for the perfect pair of women’s jeans, you need to know which ones will suit you best. What qualities would make you choose one brand over another? If you’re on the fence, take a look at what sets Judy Blue Jeans apart from other denim brands in today’s market.


Everyone deserves to find a pair of jeans that fit just right. That’s why Judy Blue Jeans offers jeans in a wide range of sizes, rises, and cuts. Whether you wear a 24-32 standard fit or a 14W-24W plus size, this brand is for you.


Don’t you hate it when you buy a new pair of jeans that fit just right in-store, but after the first wear they’re never quite the same? Us too.

Judy Blue Jeans are different from your average denim brand. Their jeans are designed to bounce back after every wear and wash. They stretch temporarily when you put them on but don’t stretch out permanently, maintaining their freshly bought feel for years to come. No wonder customers voted Judy Blue jeans for having the best stretch denim.


Whether you’re going to a concert or running a quick errand, you don’t always want to carry a purse around. That’s when pockets come in handy.

All Judy Blue Jeans have real pockets to store all your travel-size essentials—like your phone, credit card, and emergency chapstick. These pockets are a practical option for any on-the-go activity.

Judy Blue Jeans Tummy Control

If you need a slimming pair of jeans to add to your wardrobe, Judy Blue Jeans has you covered. Their signature tummy control jeans hold you in and smooth you out in all the right places for a seamless look. Grab a pair today to see why customers rave about them.

Here are some Judy Blue Jeans tummy control best-sellers:

woman wearing Judy Blue Jeans with tummy control

    Judy Blue Jeans Sizing Tips

    Judy Blue Jeans is a size-inclusive denim brand. They make jeans in every size, rise, style, and cut to fit every body type. If you’re searching for figure-flattering denim, this brand has you covered.

    Need help finding the right size? Our denim experts are here to help. Since Judy Blue Jeans feature super stretch material, you may want to size down one size for the best fit. Be sure to reference our expert size advice under each product description when you shop on Emerald XO Ivy.

    Must-Have Judy Blue Jeans Styles

    With so many styles available, choosing the right pair of jeans can be a bit overwhelming on your own. That’s why we’re here to help. We created a breakdown of three of Judy Blue Jeans’ most popular styles, along with sizing recommendations. Take a look below.

    Judy Blue Boyfriend Jeans

    Boyfriend jeans are fitted at your waist and hips and loosen through your legs, hitting just above the ankle. They feature a relaxed fit and feel that women love. Whether you need something cute and comfy to wear on the plane or an unforgettable back-to-school outfit, Judy Blue Boyfriend Jeans fit the bill.

    Here are some best-selling Judy Blue Boyfriend Jeans to browse:

    Judy Blue Boyfriend Jeans

      Judy Blue Bootcut Jeans & Flares

      Bootcut and flare jeans are fitted down to your mid-shin and gradually flare from the ankle. You can style them with your cowgirl boots for a laid-back bonfire or pair them with a block-heel bootie for dinner out with friends. It’s up to you.

      Check out these fun Judy Blue Bootcut Jeans and Flares:

      Judy Blue Bootcut Flare Jeans

        Judy Blue Skinny Jeans

        Skinny jeans are fitted from your waist all the way down to your ankle. They hug you in all the right places, making them a great versatile jean option. You can easily slip on a pair of boots or booties over the ankle in fall and winter or slide on a pair of sandals for an effortless spring or summer look. Pair them with your favorite top to make your outfit complete. Sizing down is recommended for skinny jeans to ensure a secure fit.

        Shop these versatile Judy Blue Skinny Jeans:

        Judy Blue Skinny Jeans

          Judy Blue Jeans FAQ

          What Makes Judy Blue Jeans Special?

          Judy Blue Jeans makes high-quality jeans that are comfortable, stretchy, affordable, size-inclusive, and come in various styles and washes. This brand is your one-stop shop for all things denim.

          Do Judy Blue Jeans Stretch Out Over Time?

          Customers love how Judy Blue Jeans bounce back after wearing and washing, ensuring they always fit just right. These jeans should not stretch out permanently with the proper care.

          Can You Machine Wash Judy Blue Jeans?

          You can machine wash your Judy Blue Jeans on cold—to prevent premature fading—and dry them on low heat. Always wash them inside-out, and be sure to follow all care tag instructions for each pair, as different fabrics require different care.

          Where Do I Buy Judy Blue Jeans?

          Judy Blue Jeans is an online-only, wholesale denim brand. Wondering who sells Judy Blue Jeans? Shop Emerald XO Ivy to get all your favorite Judy Blue Jeans in one place. We have a generous selection of various styles in every size.

          Buy Your Favorite Judy Blue Jeans at Emerald XO Ivy

          Say hello to your trusted denim experts. From finding your ideal style to picking your perfect size and fit, Emerald XO Ivy is here to help. Our goal is to help all women look and feel their best in every pair of jeans they put on. Shop our collection of Judy Blue jeans today to change your denim game.

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