1. Style Basics - The Front Tuck

Welcome to our Style Basics Series! We know that many of you already know all our tips and tricks. However, we want to make sure that EVERYONE in our Emerald+Ivy community has a great foundation to look their best and love themselves NOW in 2019.

This week we will start with a special trick some of you may have seen Danielle and Stephanie use during our Facebook Live events - The Front Tuck.
Some of our favorite tops are very long, almost tunic style tops. What we LOVE about these tops is that they are EXTREMELY versatile! Not ONLY do they look amazing on EVERY body shape and size, but they can look SOOOO very different, simply by changing how you style them.

I love wearing these tops long with a great pair of leggings. They give off a casual comfortable vibe, without sacrificing style in the process. 

 But I'm not always in the mood for leggings. We just got in a TON of AMAZING jeans here at Emerald + Ivy, and right now I just want to show them off!

 - "But a loooong top with jeans?" You ask, with your face all scrunched up.

 YES! And here's my little trick, I just take a small part of the front hem of my shirt and tuck it into the top of my jeans. Now my Top looks tucked in. It falls at just the right height all the way around to showcase my amazing jeans. And the Bonus is I don't have to worry about the discomfort of having my shirt tucked in all the way around!

 This is a easy simple style trick and anyone can do any day!

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