2. Style Basics - Layering Tops

Welcome to our Style Basics Series! We know that many of you already know all our tips and tricks. However, we want to make sure that EVERYONE in our Emerald+Ivy community has a great foundation to look their best and love themselves NOW in 2019.


Cooler weather is the perfect time to play with your layering pieces. Whether it's freezing outside and warm inside, or it warms up during the day, layering up can help you maintain the perfect temperature all day long. 
The key to layering begins with finding pieces that inspire you and let you show your creativity. Play with mixing and matching patterns, colors, or textures. You never know how it will look until you try. 
One of the layering techniques that we love here at Emerald+Ivy, is the classic button up shirt with a sweater. Practical and shiek, this doesn't have to become the traditional school girl look. By simply leaving the button up untucked, and pairing it with an unconventional sweater, you can take the outfit to a whole new level.
Pro Tip - For extra comfort throughout the day, use an oversized sweater as your top layer.



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